Expected Results

A support tool model created for the correct decision making regarding the health risk reduction associated with the uncontrolled sources of water and food in rural Roma communities in Transylvania by elaborating a database that will include the measurements of quality of water and food sources in these communities.

Study on the impact of uncontrolled water and food sources on the health of rural Roma communities from Transylvania.

Methodology to monitor and control the quality of water and food sources in the rural Roma communities in order to reduce the risk on human health.

Friendly working software developed for health risk assessment in rural Roma communities correlated with the types and the quantities of contaminants ingested from uncontrolled water and food sources which can be also applied to other similar communities.

Model of best practice hygienic-sanitary guidelines developed to enhance human health and to implement best practices, including personal hygiene, and to ensure the safety of water and food sources, based on the recommendations provided by the Norwegian partner.