General Objectives

To create a support tool model for the decision making by public institutions and local public authorities, aiming to increase the capacity for evaluation and management in diminishing the health risk associated with the uncontrolled sources of water and food in the rural Roma communities from Transylvania.

Specific objectives

Identification of the rural Roma communities with high risk exposure to uncontrolled water and food sources from Transylvania (WP1).

Establishment of the biological and chemical contaminants of high concern from uncontrolled water and food sources used by the selected rural Roma communities from Transylvania (WP2).

Creating friendly working software for health risk assessment associated with the consumption of contaminants from uncontrolled sources of water and food in rural Roma communities from Transylvania (WP3).

Elaborating a Model of Best Practice Hygienic-Sanitary Guidelines to increase the consumption safety of drinking water and food, including personal hygiene (WP4).

Communication and awareness of the health risk associated with the uncontrolled water andfood sources to the rural Roma communities and public  authorities (WP4).

Implementation of the hygienic-sanitary guidelines to increase the safety of the drinking water and food consumption in the rural Roma communities (WP4).